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OX29 Bat Doctor

Anti Scuff Sheet, Clear / Fibre Facing

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38cm length x 14cm width Cricket Bat facing.  The clear facing will show off the beautiful grains of your cricket bat, while the fibre facing will present it's cross weaves across the face of your bat. While both types of face protection have their own benefits, both are equally sought after by professionals and amateurs alike. 
Where other sellers only provide you with 30cm in length, OX29 Bat Doctor provides you with 38cm. This ensures that you have enough sheet to cover the complete striking area of your bat. These sheets may well fit your bat, but if there is an excess of length, this can be cut down to size, leaving spare facing for potential repair work further down the line. 
Brands such as New Balance, the main sticker on the front of the bat doesn't go very far down, thus leaving a greater area of the bat exposed to the impact of the ball. The 38cm sheet ensures you can cover as much of the playing area as you desire, and you may even have some spare! Therefore, whether your bat is the smallest junior bat, or the biggest senior bat, these 2 types of cricket bat facing are the best choice for you. 
BOTH types of facing protect from the impact of the cricket ball, which is particularly important when your bat is new, and more susceptible to damage. Likewise, when your bat has had a few seasons of use, it is vital to do what you can to prolong the life of you bat. 
While it mainly comes down to personal preference, the CLEAR facing will add slightly more weight to your bat, than the fibre face. However, the clear face does provide better protection due it being slightly thicker. The clear face will also collect 'Cherries'. 
The Fibre face however, is slightly thinner and will barely effect the weight of your bat, so for some of you batting badgers, this may be the best type for you. That being said, it does obstruct the view of the grains on the bat, but nonetheless, it adds protection to your bat that you would not get otherwise.