Our Story

Where our passion for cricket equipment comes from:

Sam's first interest in cricket bats was when he bought a size 6 GM Maxi Select used by Marcus Trescothick around 2004/2005 from Argos. No idea about linseed oil, no idea about knocking in, he started swinging this plank of wood around and wondered why the ball didn’t go anywhere. A year or so after this he was introduced to Gordon Clack of Hawthorn Sports Agencies in Ducklington, and this is where his passion for cricket bats and equipment started to blossom.

Gordon sized him up for a Size 5 Hunts County bat and from here began a wonderful friendship. What Gordon didn't know about cricket equipment probably isn’t worth knowing. Over the years Gordon gave Sam countless pieces of advice and this is where his knowledge and ideas stemmed from. When Gordon stopped trading and repairing cricket bats, Sam started to repair his own bats. He then managed to persuade his friends to trust him with their bats - and this is how it all began.

Cricket is unlike any other sport; where most sports equipment is replaced after being damaged, cricket bats can be salvaged and that’s what makes it such an interesting job to do. Some damage is irreparable, however we believe a repair can be done to most bats in order to get them into a playable condition. You’ll be surprised at what can actually be fixed, and may even kick yourself for prematurely throwing away some of your old damaged bats in the past!

Sam also produces a wide range of cricket bats in various shapes, and takes pride in his custom bat service where customers can bespoke their new cricket bat, from start to finish! 

Gordon Clack

Hawthorn Sports Agencies

Samuel Cross

OX29 Bat Doctor