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OX29 Bat Doctor

Handle Binding Thread For Cricket Bat, Twine String

Handle Binding Thread For Cricket Bat, Twine String

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Ever wondered what the string’ is that you will find underneath your cricket bat grip?

Known as binding thread or cricket bat twine, used to add strength to the handle by ‘binding’ it together, this product can be used to replace frayed or damaged binding on your cricket bat.

Made from nylon, this thread allows for a tight, neat finish on your cricket bat handle. Where cotton string would stretch, this nylon thread wraps tightly, therefore binding the handle together in the strongest way possible.

While this product is primarily used for binding handles, it can also be used as a repair thread to damaged areas of the cricket bat blade. A repair method that derived from the subcontinent, binding the blade itself can also add strength back into a damaged area, helping to prolong the life of your cricket bat.

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