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OX29 Bat Doctor

New 2023 Sidearm Elite Clear

New 2023 Sidearm Elite Clear

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This is a new product for 2023, that has been re-engineered  with updated materials to create a product that offer greater durability and unrivalled accuracy and speed. 

From Sidearm themselves:

'The NEW Generation Sidearm Elite Used by professional coaches throughout the cricketing world, the Sidearm Elite offers a level of batting practice that is impossible to better. The new generation Elite is the fastest, most accurate Sidearm to date .Sidearm Cricket have teamed a new, stronger material with a re-engineered cup and shaft to create a Sidearm that offers unrivalled delivery speeds, precision, and durability. With practice, skilled coaches can generate deliveries of over 85mph with all the swing and seam of a pro bowler.'

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