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OX29 Bat Doctor

Cricket Bat Wax by OX29 Bat Doctor

Cricket Bat Wax by OX29 Bat Doctor

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The days of drenching your bat with linseed oil, are long gone.

Made at home, by hand, this modern product combines raw linseed oil and beeswax, has revolutionised this old school DIY bat care technique.

Nourishing the bat with the raw linseed oil that is required to prevent it from losing moisture, while adding beeswax to this ensures that the grains are sealed, and a nice sheen can be achieved. This will serve you well over the course of a season.

Repeated use of linseed oil over a period time causes the bat to brown, sometimes more than is desired. This is where bat wax comes in. Bat wax will provide your willow with the nourishment that it requires, without drowning it with oil.

Apply this product to the face of your cricket bat, and all other exposed areas of willow (excluding the splice area) at regular intervals.

Simply use your finger, or a clean rag, to coat the wax onto your bat, and rub gently until it is evenly distributed. You can leave this to rest on your bat for anywhere up to half an hour, before buffing with a clean rag and achieving the sheen.
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