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OX29 Bat Doctor

Standard Repair Toe / Edge / Face

Standard Repair Toe / Edge / Face

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Anti Scuff Sheet

Type of Cricket Bat Repair:

This repair service caters for more substantial damage to the blade of the bat, such as splits, delamination, & major cracks, that may require more thorough gluing, wrapping, & clamping. As per our standard procedure all jobs will be finished off with sanding & polishing, before being finished off with a new anti scuff sheet.

Notable info: 

Bats can be sent in via courier or dropped off at our address, any time. Please liaise directly with us about this. Attach your name, number, and order number (if applicable) to your bat so we know who it belongs to. 

Our address is 29 Witney Road, Eynsham, Witney, Oxon, OX29 4PH. We are situated right on the zebra crossing, opposite the school. If you're dropping off, please make sure you let us know by sending an SMS message or WhatsApp message to 07533606393.


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