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OX29 Bat Doctor

'The Modernist' Cricket Socks by OX29 Bat Doctor

'The Modernist' Cricket Socks by OX29 Bat Doctor

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'The Modernist'

Made for purpose cricket socks first appeared after the First World War. Heavy duty army socks were the preference of cricketers all over the world. 

These were adjudged to be able to stand up to the wear tear of cricket, particularly bowling, and the drastically different footwear to what we wear today. 

Traditional cricket socks are thick, and consistent texture throughout. Our ‘Modernist’ cricket sock offers emphasised cushioning on the toes, the balls of the feet, the arch, the heel, and the ankle. 

This cushioning creates supreme comfort on the areas of the foot that matter when playing cricket. The gaps between areas of cushioning allow for breathability, which a more thick, and heavy duty sock does not. 

Thus we introduce you to our new cricket sock: The Modernist.

This cricket sock offer fantastic protection and cushioning, ideal for bowlers in particular.

Available in white and cream.

2 sizes fit all. 


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