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OX29 Bat Doctor

Shoulder Repair

Shoulder Repair

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Repair & Refurb Blade

Type of Cricket Bat Repair:

If the shoulder of your bat has hairline cracks, splintering, or major cracks / spits, then this is the right service for your bat. We will use different types of glue to best treat different levels of crack, then dowel & clamp as appropriate. We occasionally bind or tape the shoulders of the bat, depending on the severity of the damage. 

You can also opt to have the blade of your bat repaired too, while it's in with us. 

Notable info: 

  • UK return delivery available on every repair for £10. 
  • Drop off & pick up service also available.
  • Once booked, track your repair on our Cricket Bat Repair Tracker.

29 Witney Road, Eynsham, Witney, Oxon, OX29 4PH.


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