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Toe / Edge Section Graft

Toe / Edge Section Graft

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Type of Cricket Bat Repair:

If your bat is severely damaged in a particular region and the wood that should be there is missing or damaged beyond repair, then the next solution for your bat is a section graft. This involves removing the damaged section and gluing in a new piece of wood to replace it. This is what we consider as a last resort repair, and we will only exercise this repair technique when all other avenues have been explored. 

We will always prioritise a front graft, where we remove and square off the front section, and fit a pressed piece of willow onto the face of the bat - this repair has very high success rate.

Worst case scenario, we will remove the whole section, usually at a 90 degree angle, and glue in a whole new piece to replace it. Once dry, we will dowel it from the edge to secure. This repair is less successful due to the fact the new section has nothing behind it to stop it falling out - just glue and dowels. That being said, if your bat special to you, this repair is worth it to extend the life of your bat one last time.

Notable info: 

Bats can be sent in via courier or dropped off at our address, any time. Please liaise directly with us about this. Attach your name, number, and order number (if applicable) to your bat so we know who it belongs to. 

Our address is 29 Witney Road, Eynsham, Witney, Oxon, OX29 4PH. We are situated right on the zebra crossing, opposite the school. If you're dropping off, please make sure you let us know by sending an SMS message or WhatsApp message to 07533606393.


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